Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear.

How long does carpet take to dry after a flooded property?

The usual time for the drying of the carpet is between 7 – 12 hours if Extraction of excess water should begin immediately. This time can be significantly reduced if there are lower humidity, higher temperature and fresh air accessing the room. With our effective methods for water extraction, we can reduce the duration of the drying time. The duration of the drying depends on the thickness of the carpet too.

How much will Emergency Flood Damage Restoration cost?

Flood Damage Restoration cost depending on the type of damage and Size of the Area. 100,000 Litres of water entered in your building v’s 1000 Litres flooding in building – the time and costs to restore the respective properties back to a pre-loss condition will vary significantly in time and costs. Get in touch with the flood damage restoration technician for cost estimation.

Can the Flooded Carpet be dried without lifting it or removing it?

In majority cases YES, with latest technology we have specialised drying equipment’s which enables us to dry the affected carpet areas without removing / liftingit. It also depends on the damage. Get in touch with our flood damage restoration technician to discuss further.

Should I contact My Insurance Company and File a Claim?

It depends on the damage, for Small flood damage most clients will not file a claim, considering they have to pay excess on insurance policy. For Medium and Large flood damage we recommend to file a claim.

Why choose us for Flood Damage Carpet Drying in Melbourne?

16+ years of experience – IICRC Certified Technicians – Available 24 hours, 7 days a week – We use the latest equipment and cutting edge technology – 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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